Heritage & Restoration

Preserve, Protect & Perfect

You can rest assured your heritage building or home is in safe hands with Artistic Decor.
We insist on not cutting corners to achieve a quick finish that won’t last, and we refuse to apply materials incorrectly. Instead, we take every measure to ensure a perfect finished result for every project
we turn our hands to.

Artistic Decor is a classically trained painting and decorating company with vast knowledge and
experience passed down from English heritage generations, meaning we are specialists in these fields of work. We proudly carry on these traditions with upmost care today in all that we do and aim to help you keep your piece of heritage intact for generations to come.


Our wide range of Heritage & Restoration Services include:

  • Heritage Interior & Exterior badinaging’s.
  • All types of heritage detailed ceiling’s, cornices & walls surfaces.
  • Trim works from styled doors, frames, sash windows, french shutters & old-style skirting boards
  • Staining & varnishing old timbers to suit era.
  • Repairs to surfaces textured, roses, flowers & all other heavy detailed patterns.
  • Colour matching & consultation.
  • Heritage stairs, risers & treads.
  • Metal leaf & iron works
  • Facia board & soffits.
  • Preserving all finishes to the original patina look.
Restoration of Heritage painting finishes


History Tells a Story

We make it our business to learn and understand the unique story of your home or building to better enable us to restore and uplift the original beauty of the space. We have over thirty years of experience which ensures the safest and highest standard of repair and renovation work is completed for your special project.

Our English background and continual upskilling, in-line with those strict standards, brings mastery to a huge scope of conservation and historic services across multiple eras.


We have been fortunate to work with and share our experience with the Art Gallery of NSW on numerous projects over the years, including providing advice on specialist finishes and materials for their heritage exhibitions.
We’d love to know your home or heritage property’s history to help you preserve and express it through decoration too.
With skills that have been passed down through master English craftsmen, and over thirty years of experience working in the field of heritage and restoration, both in Australia and in the United Kingdom, we are the perfect people to help you keep that heritage preserved and protected.


Another way we keep the beauty of heritage alive is through our iron lace works. This lovely detailed piece of history is an iconic Sydney iconic sight, especially across the old heritage suburbs such as Paddington, Surry Hills or Newtown. These decorative finishes are all part of the homes’ facades today, but once they succumb to heavy rust, they are no longer repairable and become an eyesore. These intricate heritage features deserve and require a delicate, precise workmanship to help preserve them into the future We are the experts that know how to keep this history alive and get great joy from helping you do just that.

Other high profile buildings Artistic Decor have worked on
include the Art Gallery of NSW and numerous Sydney Hospitals.

Client Reviews

I can't recommend Artistic Decor highly enough. Sam and his team are an absolute delight to work with - extremely professional, highly skilled and committed to delivering a beautiful result - not to mention the exceptional service. Despite the many issues that raised their head during my job, Sam's and his team had an unwavering commitment to getting a superb result and I could not be happier. 500 out of 10!

Jess Onus


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